Availability of Indian Food for Indian Students Studying MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is a highly preferred location for medical studies by Indian students. It is also a very safe place for girls. MBBS in Georgia is a lot better than MBBS in India in many aspects. It can be done at a very affordable and budget-friendly cost as compared to India. Indian food is also easily available for Indian students at Georgian medical universities.

Why is MBBS in Georgia preferred over MBBS in India?

Over the past few decades, there has been a significant rise in the number of Indian students at Georgian medical universities. As every coin has two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages to studying MBBS in Georgia both. MBBS in Georgia is preferred by Indian students than MBBS in India due to a lot of issues in the Indian medical education system. Study MBBS in Georgia has more advantages and opportunities for Indian students on an average scale.

The fees of private medical colleges in India is continuously increasing and has jacked up even more in 2018 by almost 50% and reaching around Rs. 70 lakhs for the full course. Only a very limited number of seats are available in the public medical colleges. Not all Indian students can qualify for the NEET exam. And in case they do, only a few percents of them get government seats.

MBBS in Georgia does not require an exorbitant fee or entrance tests. There are no hidden charges or donation fee to study MBBS in Georgia as well. The admission of Indian students at Georgian medical universities is only through NEET with qualifying marks.

What is the best thing about Indian students in Georgia?

Indian students can avail a thousand benefits by studying MBBS in Georgia instead of MBBS in India. First of all, Georgia is a very safe educational destination. It has very strong laws and strict policies. Thus, it has zero crime rates. It also ranks seventh in the Safety and Crime Index of the world. Thus, Georgia is a very safe place for Indian girls.

Secondly, the fee structure for MBBS in Georgia is very affordable. The price of living in hostels of Georgia is also very reasonable and lower than India. There are many leading MCI approved medical universities in Georgia. On top of that, a lot of high-quality medical colleges in Georgia provide integrated MCI coaching to the students.

Not only the atmosphere, living and study conditions, but Georgia also offers a lot more to Indian students. Another best thing about MBBS in Georgia is that Indian food is very easily available there. This is due to a large number of Indian students in Georgian universities. Availability of Indian food in a foreign land makes adjusting to it a lot easier.

What kind of Indian food is available in Georgia? 

Life gets really difficult when you don’t get the food you eat on a regular basis, right? Indian actually face this problem quite a lot abroad. They eat tasty dishes, amazing flavours, different spices and variety of food since childhood. However, most of the foreign countries have a very different and less experimental cuisine than India.

Indian students can completely sit back and relax while they go to study MBBS in Georgia. They don’t have to worry about cooking at their own as they can easily find Indian food in the university mess and across the streets. They can easily get Indian food which is fully vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. South Indian as well as North Indian flavours as also easily available for Indian students. Halal food is also available for Muslim Indian students at Georgia.


If you are planning to study MBBS in Georgia instead of MBBS in India, we are glad that you have made a great choice. You don’t need to worry about anything because you are totally safe there and can easily get Indian food to eat. Indian students adjust quite easily in Georgia and get a top-notch medical education. Feel free to contact Bright Path if you have any other queries related to MBBS in Georgia 2019 or MBBS in Georgia fees.