Best Colleges for MBBS in Abroad

Best Colleges for MBBS in Abroad

You must have read many articles providing information about the top Universities or Colleges for studying MBBS in Abroad but we are writing this article to provide you with the best medical Universities or Colleges which are accredited best by MCI. There is a list of best Colleges from where the majority of candidates have cleared the FMGE/MCI Screening test with the highest percentage. The candidates are successful doctors today and they are practicing well in India.

FMGE Screening Test Result of Indian Students

Published by: National Board of Examinations

The Colleges or Universities which are mentioned below (in Country-wise format) are those from which the maximum number of candidates has appeared for the FMGE/MCI Screening test and passed the test. The data mentioned below is taken from the National Board of Examination i.e. NBE which is the testing body of the Screening test. The whole data is an extract of 2015-2018 FMGE/MCI Screening test. In this article you will not find each and every University or College but a few University or College which has the highest passing percentage.

You ac also check 2019 data here.


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Yeravan State Medical University 1047 236 22.54%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Bangladesh Medical College 14 7 50%
Dhaka Medical College 18 8 44.44%
Dhaka University 57 32 56.14%
Jahurol Islam Medical College 88 33 37.5%
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College 5 2 40%
Medical College for Woman & Hospital 98 34 34.69%
Kumudini Women’s Medical College and Hospital 82 25 30.49%
Mymensingh Medical College 32 14 43.75%
Rajshahi Medical College 19 8 42.11%
Rangpur Medical College 8 3 37.5%
Shahabuddin Medical College 5 2 40%
Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College 2 1 50%
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College 9 3 33.33%
Sir Salimullah Medical College 14 9 64.29%
Sylhet Mag Osmani Medical College 2 1 50%
University of Chittagong 1 1 100%
University of Rajshahi 12 10 83.33%
University of Science and Technology 414 73 17.63%
Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College and Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd. 12 4 33.33%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Belize Medical College 50 17 34%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Bethone Medical University 1 1 100%
Bei Hua University 202 31 15.35%
Capital Medical University 112 12 10.71%
China Medical University 404 47 11.63%
Chonqing University of Medical Sciences 1519 164 10.80%
Dali Medical College 647 71 10.97%
Dalian Medical University 715 52 7.27%
Guangxi Medical University 573 73 12.74%
Guangzhou 335 53 15.82%
Hebei Medical University 552 47 8.51%
Jiamusi Medical University 685 63 9.2%
Jinan University 212 53 25%
Jinzhou Medical College 121 35 28.93%
Kunming Medical College 209 18 8.61%
Medical College of Qingdao University 6 3 50%
Nanchag University 401 81 20.2%
Nanjing Medical University 294 41 13.95%
Nantong Medical College 529 52 9.83%
Ningbo University 355 66 18.59%
Shihezi University 51 18 35.29%
Sichuan Medical University 263 41 15.59%
Sochow Medical University 919 77 8.38%
South East University 469 48 10.23%
Southern Medical University 971 144 14.83%
Suzhou Medical College 291 55 18.9%
Taishan Medical College 514 66 12.84%
Three Gorge University 377 44 11.67%
Tianjin Medical University 923 145 15.71%
Weifang Medical College 321 55 17.31%
West China School of Medical Science 380 67 17.63%
Wuhun University 1167 114 9.77%
Xiamen Medical University 271 60 22.14%
Zhengzhou Medical University 1173 131 11.17%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Tbilisi State Medical University 1600 317 19.81%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Karadanga State Medical Academy 825 111 13.45%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
I K Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy 300 39 13.45%
International Higher School of Medicine 862 105 12.81%
International University of Kyrgyzstan 2645 352 13.31%
Osh State Medical University 933 41 4.39%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Anna Medical College and Research Centre 62 41 66.13%
Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Medical College 92 40 43.48%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences 239 100 41.84%
College of Medical Science, Bharatpur 836 149 17.82%
Janaki Medical College 328 64 19.51%
Manipal College of Medical Sciences 567 162 28.57%
National Medical College, Birgunj 848 121 14.27%
Nepal Gunj Medical College 397 95 23.93%
Nobel Medical College 145 31 21.38%
Tribhuvan University 1186 108 9.11%
Universal College of Medical Sciences 871 135 15.5%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Bicol Christian College of Medicine 74 15 20.27%
Davao Medical School Foundation 651 218 33.49%
Lyceum Northwestern University 23 11 47.83%
Cebu Doctors University College of Medicine 3 3 100%
Cagayan State University 44 9 20.45%
Our Lady of Fatima University 71 7 9.86%
University of Northern Philippines 152 30 19.74%
University of Perpetual Help 78 21 26.92%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Oradea University 71 5 7.04%
Universitatea Ovidus 26 4 15.38%
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara 9 2 22.22%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Crimea State Medical University 221 48 21.72%
Crimean Federal University, V. I. Vernadsky 312 84 26.92%
Kazan State Medical University 450 68 15.11%
Kursk State Medical University 423 56 13.24%
North Medical University 560 82 14.64%
Rostov State Medical University 782 67 8.57%
Smoelnsk State Medical Academy 1449 345 23.81%


College Applicants Passed Pass Percentage
Bukovinian State Medical University 105 31 29.52%
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University 380 131 34.47%
Kharkiv National Medical University 499 88 17.64%
Lviv National Medical University 9 3 33.33%
Odessa National Medical University 1254 229 18.26%
Uzhhorod National University 197 49 24.87%

How to choose best suitable country for myself?

Bright Path always tries to provide right and accurate information to their readers. We try to provide quality content to our readers from reliable resources. As this is a very important question that, How a candidate will choose the country for studying MBBS..? The answer of this question is as simple as that somebody likes to drink tea but somebody likes to drink coffee. Every person’s likes and dislikes, body type is different from each other. Two persons in the same situation handle’s the situation in two different ways that means two persons can’t think in similar way.

First of all before choosing any country as your destination to study MBBS in Abroad, you must know about the circumstances of the particular country. Probably, all the countries lying in the different regions of the world are not similar to each other. As you have to spend long 5 to 6 years of your life in a country completely unknown to you and your body. So before you enter into any College or University of any Country, you should be prepared to stay there. One must not only survive in the country but live a healthy life in the country too. Apart from studies there are many factors which could affect the candidate’s life in Abroad. Here is a list of some challenges that you might come across on your way to study MBBS in a different country. The list is discussed below:

1. Climatic Condition

You all will agree that whenever a human being changes there place of staying or even there room, they find extreme difficulty to sleep for a night. Now, for studying MBBS in Abroad the candidates are not only going to change their room but also going to change their country as well. So the change of climate affects different individuals in different way.

Certain people are very sensitive to the cold climate; they can’t bear to live in the countries like Russia, USA, Canada and many more. The climatic condition of the countries likes USA, Russia, Canada are extremely harsh in winters and moderate in summers. So if you are a candidate from India then you must be habituated with the tropical type of climate. If your answer is “Yes” then you must choose the countries like Philippines, South Africa, California, Australia and many more.

2. Food

Food is a substance which keeps a human body alive or gives strength to survive. It is the top most necessity of a human body. A human body needs all the nutrients, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and fat to be healthy. Indians students always have a question in their mind that what kind of food they are going to get in the hostels of Abroad? Now there is availability of Indian food around the globe. But there are some countries which serve Indian food quite expensive and for students it’s slightly difficulty to pay it. The candidates must use the hostel kitchen to prepare their regular meal, to save some money.

While studying Abroad the candidates might feel homesickness. Homesickness means that the candidates miss their home and homemade food, their family and friends. May be you can get a situation like this so; you must cope up with the state of affair. Always try to eat food on time, eat food with your friends so that you do not miss your home.

3. Language

After climatic condition, another barrier in a different country is language. Language is nothing but medium of communication which involves not only the sound but also the written signs. Today also the invention of language is mysterious because some of the scholars say that it is invented and some says it is never invented. Language is not all about writing and speaking it but to feel it, language is an expression, gesture shown by human being.

The Indian candidates going to study MBBS in Abroad will find various type of language widely used in different countries. The most common language in almost all the countries is English. There are some countries which commonly speak English they are Philippines, Canada, Australia and many more. In China the candidates will find Chinese Mandarin is extensively spoken. Similarly, in Ukraine the language Ukrainian is widely used. In Russia the people usually go with their official language i.e. Russian. The candidates must choose the country very wisely because if they are selecting the countries like China, Ukraine and Russia they have to learn the country language. While deciding the country for doing MBBS in Abroad then you must question yourself that you will be able to learn a new and different language. And then pick up the country according to your will.