“Thank You, Doctors, for always taking care”

Right from curing complex ailments to assessing the fitness statistics on a daily basis, doctors are lifesavers for all the people. It is the doctors’ assistance through which one can live a safe and glorious life, free from diseases. When doctors contribute so much to society, it is people’s responsibility to express their gratitude in a unique way. One of the best opportunities to do so is to celebrate National Doctors Day. In India, the National Doctors Day is celebrated on 1st July every year and it is the most significant opportunity to appreciate doctors for all their efforts to make everyone’s life healthy.


The significance of doctors is immense in the country and they are highly admired for their efforts. Whether it is a nominal health concern or any critical heart disease, people immediately seek assistance from doctors to cure diseases and stay healthy. They consider doctors to be their life saver and this is the prominent reason why they admire them so much. People in India usually communicate with doctors with great courtesy and follow all their instructions meticulously.

The science graduates in India aspire to excel in different medical streams according to their ambition. The demand for doctors in India is tremendously high. India has seven doctors per 10,000 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ministry of health.  According to the recent study, India will need 2.07 million more doctors by the year 2030. The availability of practicing doctors in 2030 will rely on the evaluation of the stock and attrition owing to retirement and emigration.

The Kolkata doctors went on a strike on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, after one of their fellow doctors was abused by patients’ families in West Bengal, India. Consequently, approximately 800,000 doctors across India went on strike to demand enhanced working conditions. “The events happened in Kolkata were just a flash point. We all have a right to security being ordinary citizens. This hostility against doctors is not admissible in any civilized society,” said Dr. Rajan Sharma, the president-elect of the Indian Medical Association (IMA). To avoid such incidences in the future, Mamata Banerjee aroused a feeling of confidence among citizens.”We are appreciative of the doctor’s department, it is next to god. We will definitely try to avoid such incidents and if these types of incidents happen in the future, we will be prompt to solve it,” said Ms. Banerjee.

On July 1, one will see great excitement and celebration of Doctor’s Day throughout India. The key motive behind the celebration is to respect the renowned physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was born on July 1, 1882, and breathed his last on the same day in 1962. Dr. Roy was bestowed with the country’s greatest civilian award, Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961. Doctors put rigorous efforts and their dedication to making our life healthy and this is what the National Doctors’ Day is all about. The importance of the day is immense in India because it reflects the appreciation to doctors and any prospect for improvement in the current scenario. July 1 recompenses a perfect tribute to the doctors for their persistent efforts to save the lives of patients and cure their health concerns. The day conveys a crucial message for the doctors to make efforts to reinstate the lost trust. The government, all the professional organizations and all the health care authorities should plan a strategy to assist doctors in re-establishing this trust.

When it comes to reasons to thank doctors, they are countless. Their ultimate goal is to make us feel better and cure the ailments. One of the most prominent reasons to appreciate doctors is they are lifesavers. They are empathetic and sensitive to the needs of patients. They occasionally have to get down and dirty to ultimately assist patients to cure their health concerns. They endure late-night shifts, work for long hours, and stand on their feet throughout the day –all these just for the health of patients. They are the imperative players in the welfare of the whole society. They sacrifice their personal life and follow tough schedules to ultimately make patients as their priorities.

In a few countries, Doctor’s Day is observed as a holiday. The corresponding events are usually prearranged by staff at a healthcare organization. Staff may arrange a lunch for doctors to serve them with tokens of gratitude. The National Doctors’ Day is celebrated in India to arouse awareness on the responsibilities and contributions of doctors.

Bright Path is pleased to benefit society with these types of initiatives. The University announced the scholarship for all meritorious students and this is a great opportunity is giving to let them follow their medical ambitions abroad.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to appreciate doctors on the National Doctors’ Day and make July 1 as a special day to express our gratitude for their efforts and dedication. Finally, thank you, doctors, for being always supportive and caring.