FMGE Passing Rate of Medical Universities of Ukraine

FMGE Passing Rate of Medical Universities of Ukraine


While an MBBS degree from Ukraine might sound fancy, but it must be planned with future plans.

MBBS abroad is an elaborate process after which having constructive future medical career plan is very important. Students who choose to practice in India after MBBS in Ukraine mandatory need to clear the FMGE exam. The FMGE exam, India is also called the MCI Screening Test. The FMGE exam has a distinct syllabus, pattern, duration, standard and testing method for medical students from any international country. To qualify in the MCI screening test, students need specialized training. Is that possible in Ukraine? Do Ukraine medical universities approved by MCI train international students for the FMGE test? Here is your answer:

As the fastest growing international medical consultant in India, at Bright Path we only share data that is trustworthy and transparent. The following information about FMGE Passing Rate of Medical Universities of Ukraine is 100% valid.

MCI Screening test preparation is not separately offered by Ukraine medical universities but covered to a great extent along with the existing syllabus. Thus, students who choose to pursue MBBS degree from Ukraine medical colleges do not need to allocate extra time to prepare for the FMGE exam after MBBS. During the tenure of MBBS course, Ukraine students are made well-accustomed to the FMGE exam syllabus, pattern, duration, standard and testing method. This helps students to clear the FMGE test in India, right after qualifying MBBS study in Ukraine. As medical schools of Ukraine to a major extent help students to prepare for MCI screening test, it becomes easy for students to prepare for FMGE in Ukraine medical colleges without disrupting their ongoing medical course. This also makes the FMGE Passing Rate of Medical Universities of Ukraine higher than other countries.

Ukraine has 15 MCI approved medical colleges in Ukraine. We have attached the FMGE passing rate of these 15 MCI approved medical colleges in Ukraine (at the beginning of this blog). Spend time to choose the top three FMGE passing rate university as your preferred one. Considering FMGE passing rate of international medical universities before applying for it is specially recommended for the following students:

  • Indian students
  • Students who are intend to practice in India after completing MBBS education abroad

However, choosing international medical university including medical college of Ukraine alone on the basis of FMGE passing rate is not advocated by Bright Path. Please refer to our blog to understand all pivotal factors that must be considered when choosing MBBS medical university in Ukraine or any other part of the world.

Bright Path has records of helping thousands of international students seek admission to medical colleges in Ukraine and other parts of the world. If facing any issue to make the best choice among the 15 MCI approved medical colleges of Ukraine or international medical education opportunities, please get in touch with us at +916291049500. We will be happy to help every aspiring student planning for an MBBS course in Ukraine.