Georgian Medical Universities Hostel Facilities to Study MBBS in Georgia

While going to study away from home, every student looks for good hostel facilities at an affordable price. When it comes to studying MBBS in abroad, the choice is even harder. There are many questions, queries, concerns, priorities and what not. Since study MBBS in Georgia is one of the best options to study MBBS abroad, students always look forward to gathering more and more information about the hostel facilities provided by Georgian medical universities.

This helps them in getting more prepared for what facilities will they have. However, they also get a clear idea about what they will not get and what they need to prepare for. There are many advantages and disadvantages of hostel facilities in Georgia.

Why are Indian Students going to Study MBBS in Abroad?

Indian students are going to study MBBS in Abroad in high number. There are a lot of reasons for selecting medical universities abroad instead of those in India. Few of them are the high-cost fees structure of private Indian medical colleges and lack of seats in reputed government medical universities.

On the contrary, MBBS in Abroad, which seems very prospectus and costly, is quite affordable and economical as compared to MBBS in India. Study MBBS in Georgia is particularly a great and very sensible choice to study MBBS in Abroad. Georgian medical universities are also a very safe place for girls.

Types of Hostels to study MBBS in Georgia: 

Although the hostel facilities provided by all Georgian medical universities are different, all of them try to maintain certain accommodation standards for students on an average scale. Georgia is a great choice for Indian students. They can get good living hostel facilities at a very reasonable price by study MBBS in Georgia. However, the facilities you get while study MBBS in abroad entirely depend on your budget and priorities.

There are two types of hostels for university students who go to study MBBS in Georgia. These are:

  1. Public Hostels, and
  2. Private Hostels

Most of the public hostels to study MBBS in Georgia provide all basic amenities to Indian students at a much lower cost than India. These hostels provide all necessary facilities to the students at an affordable rate. On the contrary, private hostels provide more hostel facilities in comparison to public hostels.

Hostel facilities provided by Public and Private hostels of Georgian Medical Universities: 

Since there are two types of hostels to study MBBS in Georgia, these are the hostel facilities provided by both of them. However, all Georgian medical universities differ from one another and these hostel facilities are just some of the common things offered by them.

Hostel Facilities in Public Hostels by Georgian Medical Universities:

The public hostels by Georgian medical universities are very affordable and economical to choose. Study MBBS in abroad in public hostels make the overall cost a little lower. These hostels are not bad in quality. They provide access to most of the basic amenities required by students. They just lack in quality as compared to the private hostels. Thus, they are cheaper in cost as well.

Students get access to proper and comfortable beds, a study area/desk, a joint kitchen, a separate wardrobe, bookshelf etc. Some of the public hostels also provide students with bedding but most of them don’t.  So it is advised to carry at least two beddings with you if you have selected a public hostel for MBBS in Georgia.

Hostel Facilities in Private Hostels by Georgian Medical Universities:

If you have selected a private hostel to study MBBS in Georgia, you can get access to better living facilities. However, the cost of such hostels is slightly lower than the public ones. Most importantly, the cost of living in Georgia in either public or private hostels is still lower and economical for students as compared to India.

Private hostels provide advanced living standards and facilities to the students in addition to the basic ones. They take complete care of bedding, room cleaning, good food, laundry etc of the students. Additionally, these hostels provide facilities like hot and cold water for the students. Indian students get many hostel facilities in private hostels like separate rooms or just sharing of two beds. They also get a bathroom attached to their room. These private hostels also take better care of student safety through CCTV cameras and responsible security guards.


The hostel facilities you will get highly dependent upon the type of hostel you have chosen to study MBBS in Georgia. On the basis of your budget, your preferences and amenities may differ. Feel free to contact Bright Path to know more about MBBS in Georgia 2019. We also provide private hostel facilities for Indian students in Georgia just in case the students don’t want to select the hostels they are getting by Georgian medical universities.