How to choose country and university for MBBS abroad

How to choose country and university for MBBS abroad

All the institutes offering MBBS course for Indian students are validated by medical council of India and thus ensure minimum quality standards in terms of education, living and other facilities. The safety and security of students, separate girls hostel are again given at all places.

Below are few criteria against which you can choose your destination


By far, this is the most common criteria. There are institutes in some countries which offers complete course expense ( including food and hostel ) as low as 12-13 lakhs whereas few institutes in same country would make you spend 30-35 lakhs. All institutes are good but surely some give you better facilities and thus ask for more money.

In general, Russia and other ex-USSR countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan offer options in low budget ( total budget less than 15 lakhs) whereas Georgia and Philippines would require minimum 22 lakhs spend. China has got options in 15 lakhs total budget as well as 30 lakhs also.


Unlike India, many countries have flexible education system and student need to cover x number of subjects. So all China, Russia, Ukraine universities have course duration of 6 years where as Georgia have universities with course duration of 5 as well as 6 years. Similarly, Philippines has institutes with 5 and 5.5 years course duration. Kyrgyzstan has got 5 universities offering 5 year program. Saving one year is big thing in life so tenure is important criteria. Generally, institutes offering 5 years full course would have more budget than 6 years. Nepal has got 5.5 year of course and Bangladesh offers 5 years MBBS courses.


Though this factor is not so important as far as education quality is concerned but the living quality does make a difference. The reason why Georgia/ Philippines/ Kyrgyzstan are becoming favorite destinations is mainly because of this factor.


Though this factor is not so important as far as education quality is concerned but, it is important for the comfort of student/ parent when they visit each other. For few this is important factors and for others it may not be very relevant. Out of all famous countries for MBBS abroad, Bishkek capital of Kyrgyzstan has got a direct flight from Delhi of only 3 hrs. So it is very convenient for students/ parents when they visit each other.


Generally it is available everywhere but the quality/ taste/ variety would again vary .


a. China allows students to do 6th year back in India as 6th year is internship. But remember that this internship is part of Chinese program and u get your degree only after 6th year. The advantage of this option is that student needs to stay away only for 5 years vis a vis 6th year

b. Bangladesh doesn’t allow gap of more than 2 years after class 12th.

c. In Philippines, course is divided into 2 parts.First a BS course of 1 or 1.5 years depending upon the institute ( refer point 2 above) and then 4 years MD. After BS course, student need to sit for a exam called NMAT ( National medical aptitude test Philippines )and need to get minimum 40 percentile to move ahead. If you fail in this exam, you are not allowed to continue the course. The advantage of this is that you have only serious, bright ,hardworking students moving ahead to course thus making the class serious, engaging etc. The bad part is if you are not one of those students, your MBBS dream may end. So judge yourself

d. All the programs offered by Bright Path are English medium still you need to learn local language. The logic is when you start going for hospital ward practice in 3rd year,you need to interact with local patients and thus you need to know local language. All the Universities would teach local language to you as part of the course but the effort to learn Chinese is different from Russian . Also, as Philippines language is English, you are spared from learning new language. Same benefit is available in Georgia/ Belarus to large extent

e. Few universities have started taking a small test of their own once you reach the college. If you fail, they may send back to you. Please check thoroughly with your consultant / university before applying there.


Bright Path or any other consultants would take service charge from students to help them reach their destination. The service charges also vary as per country as the expenses to provide help are different for different countries/ universities. Sometime, the difference is about 1 lakhs among various countries and thus can be a criterion of selection as per point number 1


1. Help in choosing right country and university as per points 1 to 6

2. Admission in a particular country/ university

3. All Government documentation, Visa documentation and Visa expenses

4. MCI registration

5. One way Air ticket (Optional)

6. Airport pick up at destination country

and many more. Please click below to see complete list of services in our standard package

Best wishes for your dream course and career. MBBS consultation package

8. FMGE Test previous results

FMGE is the name of test conducted by MCI as an exit exam for foreign medical graduates to get license to practice in India. For years 2012-2014, MCI published the results university wise. The total average percentage was 18% , Few countries and few colleges had pass percentage better than 18 and few had less than 18. Though, we also share that report to all students, I am not personally a big fan of that one time report. Though parents tend to think that pass percentage difference is due to university , I believe it is due to difference of students’ efforts. Still parents/ students can refer to that report which is available with all our branch offices. You can also download the report here

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