Every medical student has the dream of pursuing MBBS from a reputed institute, in one’s own country or abroad. In recent times, studies have shown that Philippines has gained much popularity among the Indian medical students, for studying MBBS. Philippines is known as a friendly country, welcoming people from a diverse cultural background. The country is well-known for its natural beauty, cheerful people and also recognised medical institutes that offer world class education in any medical subject.

Various factors are responsible for making medical education in Philippines a highly sought-after among the aspirant medical students from all parts of the world. So let us look into some of the influential factors that have been responsible for drawing students to Philippines:

  1. No Language Barrier- English is the common language that is spoken in many countries which also includes Philippines. Language has never known to be a problem in this country. Moreover, English is spoken everywhere here as well as it is also a means of written communication in any form, be it newspaper or any kind of official document. Besides, lessons in the classroom, are also imparted in English, for the understanding of the foreign students.

  1. Safety and Security- When a student is leaving his/her own country to pursue education from somewhere else, the individual always searches for a home away from home. The safety and security is a primary concern of any individual, residing in any part of the earth. Philippines, in this respect, is considered to be one of the safest countries. Not that crimes are totally absent but it is relatively low when compared to other parallel countries offering medical degrees. So you can pursue MBBS in Philippines in a safe and secure manner.

  1. Recognized institutes- The country has gained its reputation mainly because of having recognized universities. Some of them are AMA School of Medicine, Cebu Doctors’ University, University of Northern Philippines and University of Perpetual Help System DALTA are drawing international medical students from all over the world. These institutes are also MCI and WHO recognized and you can practice in India after getting the medical degree. This fact has all the more reassured students to do medicine study in Philippines.

  1. Quality of Education- Since Philippines has numerous reputed institutes that are recognized, possessing a world class faculty is something they pride themselves. The professors are renowned with expert knowledge and are known to be dedicated to the welfare of the students. Moreover, the teachers themselves are eminent doctors or Heads of a particular department. Students must imbibe whatever is imparted to them in the class and must retain all the information for the future- this is the ultimate motto of the faculty.

  1. Affordable Fee Structure- The MBBS cost in Philippines is quite affordable. Moreover, no donation is demanded at the time of admission; the student will have to pay only the admission fee. After that the student becomes a part of the institute and can attend the class from the announced date directly.

  1. Affordable Living Standards- Apart from a reasonable fee structure, Philippines also provides affordable accommodation facilities that can prove to be advantageous for any international student. There are reasonable accommodations available that are close to the medical institutes; any student can choose to stay here and since it is near to the institutes, the student can easily reach his/her classes on time.

  1. Eligibility- Philippines slightly differs from India with respect to eligibility criteria for studying MBBS. In India, one is eligible for pursuing MBBS after passing out 10+2 whereas in Philippines, one is eligible for MBBS only after completing BS(Bachelor of Science) since the country follows 10+4 education system unlike India. The student needs to do BS course from Philippines before pursuing MBBS. Note that the BS course is of short duration, 10 to 18 months, depending on your chosen university.

Conclusion- From the above facts, it is clear that studying MBBS in Philippines will be rewarding for your medical career. For a trouble-free MBBS study in Philippines, consultancy services are also widely available. Such education consultants in Kolkata make sure everything goes smoothly till you are successfully admitted in your choicest college- from form fill-up to admission.

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