Indians Can Save Money By Studying MBBS Abroad

Money is the major obstacle in front of Indian medical parents who plan to send their kids abroad to study MBBS. Indian medical universities are undeniably the best choices for medical education under the qualitative circumstances; however A proper deposition of detailed information can clear your views on why foreign universities are the most sophisticated alternatives to pursue mbbs degrees as an Indian medical aspirant.

Countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, & Philippines contain the stock of such universities that can potentially fulfill your dreams of becoming a doctor and shape the foundation of your career.

These universities offer world class services in their training programs and overall infrastructure, and that within the cost that matches the financial attributes of Indian medium-class perspective.

We are going to unfold the truth behind the foreign education system in order to reveal why millions of students migrate there every single year to secure an assurance of their ambition.

It will also make you think twice to fly abroad, so that you can leverage your dispensable budgetary expenses while learning around the standardized global amenities.

Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad


Less bottleneck competition of NEET

  • The competition to reserve seats for MBBS in India is extremely intense. Every year, lakhs of applicants fill the forms for appearing in National Entrance Examination Test (N.E.E.T) for stacking their spot in one of the top medical colleges in India.
  • According to MCI, the number of students competing for 64,000 seats for Indian medical colleges last year (2019) were almost 13 lakh. It means 22 students were fighting to defend a single seat.
  • MCI has a total of 63,050 colleges all across India with an addition of 407 certified universities offering the equivalent level of course in the foreign countries.


Affordability in the cost of education

  • Indian Medical Government colleges have a low cost MBBS program, however the private colleges that provide degrees in medicine accept highest figures for tuition fees.
  • In case of international medical universities, the cost required to pursue MBBS from these private colleges are much cheaper against Indian medical colleges despite having the same curriculum, syllabus, method of education.
  • Most of the universities offer scholarship opportunities on the basis of certain criteria. Their colleges do not even charge any donation fees or any extra hidden charges at the time of admission.
  • The cost of accommodation, hostel, and food is included in the main fee structure which is not very expensive. In fact, the basic living expenses required to stay in international places during the period of education is also nominal.


Standard quality in MBBS education

  • Before applying for an MBBS program in any global university it is often recommended to assess the core features of the university that generally includes it’s accreditation from international medical councils that consist of names such as MCI, WHO, IMED and others. It represents the prestige of the degree bestowed by the university.
  • The universities which are approved by reputed medical councils like M.C.I, and which have substantial years of experience guarantees an over the top recognition of the medical curriculum. Their syllabus is formulated under the guidelines of MCI that comprises the subjects & disciplines useful for establishment of career in or outside of India.
  • Preparatory batches for the screening test of MCI are conducted in the curriculum of many foreign universities for Indian students. The professors appointed in these universities possess years of experience who deliver the practical nature of training in the class.

Challenges faced by Indians while studying Abroad

Following are some common forms of problems faced while pursuing education on an international level:


Language barrier

The foremost issues you will have to bear is the barricade of language. Most of the citizens of foreign countries prefer native dialect unless English is an official language. However if you do not want to offer time and energy to learn additional languages, then you can opt for better universities from English speaking countries like the U.K, Philippines, and other european countries.


Budget Estimation

Before proceeding the admission formalities to any international university you must recheck the details of the fee structure, cost, condition, and demand of the hostel, and other necessary expenses required for daily activities including food, transportation, or any volunteer services. An inappropriate calculation of finance can cause further intricacies, hence it is suggested to keep an eye on your budget and consider education load if necessary.


Lifestyle Modification

A sudden escalation in the lifestyle may cause some discomfort to the student’s style of living, so you must be prepared to flexibly adapt yourself with that transportation. The culture, whether condition and overall ethical standard of the environment are the factors to stay competent if shifted in new places.


Mental Issues

Destined to live the life away from the parents at a young age is undoubtedly not any less that worse, but in the long run, these gauntlets are essential to develop interdependence in your attitude. You learn to protect & take care of yourself which is the fundamental characteristic of the doctors. There are going to be certain challenges, but the dreams to become medical professionals is the strength that pumps up your determination to face them.

Best Countries for studying MBBS in 2020



Name of University Total Fees (INR) Total Living Cost (INR) Total Expenses
Kharkiv National Medical University 27,00,000 7,00,000 34,00,000
O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University 18,90,000 10,50,000 29,40,000
Vinnitsa National Medical University 17,22,000 7,50,000 24,72,000
Ternopil State Medical University 18,48,000 6,50,000 24,98,000
Donetsk National Medical University 18,06,000 9,00,000 27,06,000



Name of University Total Fees (INR) Total Living Cost (INR) Total Expenses
Bashkir State Medical University 14,70,000 4,20,000 15,13,000
Tver State Medical University 26,88,000 12,00,000 38,88,000
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University 24,15,000 15,12,000 39,27,000
Smolensk State Medical University 23,10,000 3,15,000 26,25,000
I.M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University 42,00,000 12,60,000 54,60,000



Name of University Total Fees (INR) Total Living Cost (INR) Total Expenses
Vitebsk State Medical University 20,16,000 10,00,000 30,16,000
Belarusian State Medical University 17,64,000 7,00,000 24,64,000
Grondo State Medical University 18,06,000 7,50,000 25,56,000
Gomel State Medical University 17,64,000 8,00,000 25,64,000



Name of University Total Fees (INR) Total Living Cost (INR) Total Expenses
University of Santo Tomas 20,00,000 10,00,000 30,00,000
AMA School of Medicine 18,90,000 4,20,000 23,10,000
Davao Medical School Foundation 19,50,000 9,24,000 28,74,000
University of Northern Philippines 11,86,500 12,16,000 24,02,500
St. Paul University, Philippines 21,00,000 15,00,000 36,00,000



Name of University Total Fees (INR) Total Living Cost (INR) Total Expenses
Warsaw Medical Academy 55,80,000 N/A 55,80,000
Medical University of Gdansk 50,00,000 5,50,000 55,50,000
Medical University of Lodz 52,30,000 5,00,000 57,30,000
Medical University of Wroclaw 54,00,000 6,00,000 60,00,000
Poznan Medical University 65,90,000 7,00,000 72,90,000


Pursuing medical education in foreign universities has become the trend among the Indian students who relocate from their homeland in search of the elite quality of education.

There are certain challenges the students will require to suffer in different countries at the time of graduation, however that would be an essential part of the process in the development of the students.

Countries like China, Ukraine, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal & Philippines offer the best quality of education under an affordable range of fees structure. You can check more details about fee structure and living expenses of individual universities, plus all the important dates of application Get in Touch with us.