Is it a Safe Place to Study MBBS in Georgia for Girls?

Georgia is a very famous study location for studying medicine. A large number of international students who go to study MBBS in Georgia are actually from India. MBBS in Abroad, particularly at Georgia is a better study destination than India because of its fee structure, high infrastructure and quality of education. Not only that, Georgia is a completely safe place for girls. If you have questions like “Is MBBS in Georgia worth it?”, “How much does it cost to study MBBS in Georgia?” or about MBBS in Georgia fees, Bright Path is here to answer your queries.

Why are Indian students going to study MBBS in Abroad?

Every year, around more than 50,000 Indian students go to study MBBS in Abroad. There are a lot of reasons for selecting medical universities abroad instead of those in India. Few of them are the high-cost fees structure of private Indian medical colleges and lack of seats in reputed government medical universities.

Even after qualifying NEET with high passing marks, many students fail to get admission in government colleges in India. Thus, they are left with the option to choose private medical colleges which is generally not affordable for middle-class families.

On the contrary, MBBS in Abroad, which seems very prospectus and costly, is quite affordable and economical as compared to MBBS in India. MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is particularly a great and very sensible choice to study MBBS in Abroad. It seems like a surprise to a lot of Indian students when they come to know that they can pursue their entire MBBS course in just Rs. 20 lakhs – Rs. 25 lakhs abroad.

What is the best part to study MBBS in Georgia? 

Sending their child to a far-off land is never an easy decision for parents. They are always concerned about the safety of their child in addition to dreaming of his/her successful career. The safety issue is a big concern which often resists parents to send their child abroad. Since MBBS in India is very difficult and expensive, MBBS in Abroad is being chosen by a lot of Indian students.

The best part about study MBBS in Georgia is that it is a very safe place for girls. Georgia has very strong laws and strict policies. Thus, it has zero crime rates. Georgia also ranks seventh in the Safety and Crime Index of the world. This is probably why MBBS in Georgia attracts more than 50% Indian female students. Not only a safe place for girls but MBBS in Georgia syllabus is also very well structured. It is based on the ECTS focused learning system and provides excellent education to students. The eligibility to study MBBS in Georgia is also quite low. Indian students with marks as low as 65% can apply to study MBBS in Georgia.

Is Georgia a safe place for girls?

So, if you are planning to study MBBS in Abroad, you must opt for MBBS in Georgia because it is a safe place for girls. Georgia is continuously working on its educational and safety reforms. All top medical universities of Georgia are highly concentrated toward student safety. The leading Georgian medical universities such as the Batumi Shota Rustaveli State Medica University, European Teaching University, New Vision University, and Tbilisi State Medical University etc look after student safety very carefully.

They keep a strict check on ragging and harassment activities. They also monitor all the students in the campus 24×7 through CCTV cameras. Moreover, the security guards of Georgian medical universities are also very responsible, quick and work oriented. There are no additional charges in the name of the safety of students in Georgia. Safety is one of the biggest priorities of Georgia and thus, it is a completely safe place for girls.


As parents, it is very likely to get concerned about your child’s safety and MBBS in Abroad is thus, not an easy decision for you. However, be assured as you can send your children, particularly girls to study MBBS in Georgia because it is a very safe place for girls. Feel free to contact Bright Path to know everything about MBBS in Georgia 2019.