MBBS Degree in India VS MBBS Abroad

MBBS Degree in India VS MBBS Abroad

his medical undergraduate course has caught the fancy of many students since times immemorial. It is deemed to be one of the most challenging and sophisticated academic disciplines which requires unsurpassed efforts and insurmountable mental prowess.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an MBBS degree from India versus the option of studying the course abroad? On close analysis, meritorious students often face this dilemma after completing their high school. Financial expenses are often the major concern. Those candidates who can afford it find foreign lands promising and attractive. The clinical experience abroad is also an added benefit. One does not have to pay any capitation or donation fee as this is considered unethical overseas. In India, students who wish to spend wisely choose government medical colleges and aspire to become top-notch medical practitioners in their country. Considering the price factor, it is wise to invest money and pursue the course in India. For example, the state quota MBBS courses are priced between Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh. In foreign countries, the cost ranges between Rs 20- Rs 30 lakh.

The Indian medical educational scenario has undergone a transformation, and the upgraded pedagogical methodologies that the high-end Indian colleges and institutions follow are good. However, the western school of education is indefatigable and unparalleled as far as the quality of education is concerned. Because of the extraordinary technological and scientific developments, medical amenities, and practical training the western style of education has more to offer in honing the skills and sensibilities of students. This, along with well-experienced and skilled faculty is a great way to develop doctors with the best repertoire of medical skills. Coherent and well-prepared study material is also offered with a variety of notes, reference books, presentations, seminars, and workshops to aid in overall learning. Advanced facilities like 3D Anatomage and Simulated Mannequin Stations help in gaining in-depth knowledge and enhancing practical skills.

Excellent classrooms with well-furnished laboratories and attached hospitals within the campus allow for a great hands-on experience and worthwhile learning. The ideal student-patient ratio helps to chisel clinical skills. Interestingly, pursuing MBBS from a European countryallows a person to work in all European nations, and after a while with constant practice, in every other country in the world.

There are important steps to follow if a candidate wants to pursue MBBS abroad. Clearing the Medical Council of India (MCI) screening test and the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) exam are mandatory. It is expected from the medical aspirant to complete one year of internship in India and register with the MCI as a bonafide medical practitioner.

Another factor which plays a major role is the availability of seats for the course. Most often there seem to be millions of exemplary candidates with the required aptitude and competence, but they fall short of getting seats. According to a recent statistical study, in the year 2017, there were only 65,170 seats for MBBS available in India. One has to clear various entrance exams in India like the AIIMS, NEET and so on, to get into a good medical institution, whereas in a foreign university one does not need to pass any entrance test as marks of Class 12 suffice, such as, in institutions in the Philippines. In India, the minimum aggregate must be above 50%, and the ever-exploding demand makes it difficult for the students to secure a seat. One can always choose from a host of countries like China, USA, Russia, Philippines, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada if one wants to pursue the MBBS course abroad. A fair chance is provided to all.

Also, students who successfully pass their course in foreign lands can opt for jobs and vocational courses in those countries. This ensures a great standard of living and a more consolidated financial empowerment with a lucrative career option as ones’ skills are utilized at a better place with top-notch facilities and workforce. There happens to be a significant amount of job satisfaction. However, in India, it is often a struggle in the early years to become a successful medical practitioner and earn a reputation.

The cultural exposure and global experience are great for Indian Medical aspirants as it generates enthusiasm and self- sustaining habits among them. On foreign lands, our Indian students are given opportunities to excel and to transform their skills. There is a lot of assignment work along with regular semester tests that hone the ability of students. Fending for oneself and learning survival skills are indispensable in today’s times. One learns a plethora of skills when predisposed to tough situations. Mediocrity is a strict no when abroad. One has to have substance to survive.

Summing it up, this course requires utmost dedication and unimaginable hard work. Colleges in foreign countries have worthwhile academic facilities and a scrupulous faculty. A medical aspirant is exposed to a variety of situations to hone his/her repertoire of skills and gain a memorable experience.

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