MBBS in Bangladesh: Everything You Need to Know

MBBS in Bangladesh: Everything You Need to Know

Science has been one of the most common streams of study amongst undergraduates. It’s the stream leading up to popular courses in Engineering, Medicine and allied disciplines. One of the toughest courses for science students is MBBS.

Thus to pursue MBBS, which seems to be unfulfilled in India, one should do his/her MBBS in Bangladesh. It is because of the immense rush of students to acquire a seat in a medical college and the limited number of seats throughout the country. Apart from these reasons, there are many other reasons why MBBS should not be done in India in private universities, and other government colleges apart from the top colleges. Some of these reasons include proper infrastructure and unsatisfactory quality of education.

The biggest reason for not joining any private institute is, of course, the fee structure of these colleges. They charge heavy amount like nearly in crores, but education imparted is not so promising. Thus studying outside India is the best option if one cannot get through NEET in India. But why one should choose Bangladesh as the country to pursue MBBS and in which colleges they should, is discussed further.

MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh could be a comparatively sensible choice primarily because of the quality of education and the fee structure for MBBS in Bangladesh. Indian students have an added advantage of cultural similarity. Bangladesh is gaining popularity as a study destination among other international students from countries other than India.

Why Bangladesh?

In India, the cost of getting an MBBS degree from any private medical college with decent infrastructure is no less than 50,00,000 INR, many times it crosses even a crore depending on which college or which part of the country you select. This is just donation fee we are talking about; regular tuition fee would be charged on top of that before every semester or every year. The reason why Bangladesh is the right place for you to pursue MBBS incorporates all these reasons-


The major concern of many international students is the language of the course in the selected foreign country. But you don’t have to worry as in Bangladesh, you’ll feel right at home. The medium of instruction in most universities is English which is a huge sigh of relief for Indian students.


Pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh is cheaper than most of the study abroad destinations due to low medical fee and reduced expenses.


One of the major perks of studying in Bangladesh is the fact that the value of the currency is depreciated which will allow you to maintain your budget while roaming around the country seeing in its culture, food and beautiful location.


The food in Bangladesh has a similar palate when compared to Indian Cuisine. Also, you can find an Indian restaurant very easily in the country.

Traveling cost:

Being a neighboring country, the cost of traveling to Bangladesh is very low. It will cost you anything between 5000 to 10,000 to buy a plane ticket to Dhaka. Alternatively, you can also travel by train which plies between Kolkata and Dhaka.

Recognition of MBBS degree:

Medical study in East Pakistan is the best choice for South East Asian counterparts for its recognition. It has good recognition of it throughout the world. So for the recognition and reputation of MBBS, it has, it would be best if one does MBBS in Bangladesh.

Eligibility to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh:

a.)    One should not pass 10th class before 2015

b.)    The minimum required CGPA is 8.0 in SSC

c.)    The minimum CGPA is 3.5 in 12th

d.)    One must have a minimum of 3.5 GP in biology

Courses and Curriculum:

In Bangladesh, the courses are divided into 4 phases:

First phase:

The duration of time is 1.5 years in this phase and the subjects include anatomy, biochemistry, etc.

Second phase:

The time duration is one year for this phase and the subjects include community medicine & forensic medicine.

Third phase:

The time duration is of one-year for this phase and the subjects included in this phase are pharmacology therapeutics, pathology, microbiology, etc.

Fourth phase:

The time period is 1.5 years and subjects include medicine and allied subjects, surgery and allied courses, obstetrics &allied courses.

In total these time divisions constitute to five years of time and the schedule of the MBBS is planned accordingly.

Benefits of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. There is NO donation required to get admission in a Bangladeshi medical college.
  2. The quality of infrastructure, education, and accommodation are comparably better to other developed countries.
  3. There is no entrance test required for admission and the admission process is quite easier.
  4. The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.
  5. According to an agreement the students from SAARC nations need not pay the extra tuition fee in medical colleges.

Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

1Bangladesh University of professionals

Location: Mirpur Cantonment, Bangladesh

This is the youngest university in Bangladeshi and is administered by armed forces of Bangladesh. The main aim is to provide good quality education for incoming students from different countries.

2. Gono Bishwabiddalay

Location: Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, 1344, Bangladesh

This University is well known as Gono Bishwabidyalay recognized in Savar, many of the organizations approved like UGC in 1998 and this university is well known for foreign students

3. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)

Location: University Ave, Sylhet, Bangladesh

One of the most distinguishing features for Shahjalal University of Science & Technology is that it offers Ph.D. programs to the students.

The university has been bestowed with varied titles like specialized institute for Science & Technology by virtue of the versatile colleges accessible at the University.

4. University of Dhaka

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

During British people dominion, this college was taken into account in the concert of the oldest universities within the country. It has conjointly been awarded because of the high position in the ranking of the schools across Bangladesh in 2017. This University has also been included in the Top 100 Universities of Asia.

5. University of Rajshahi

Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh

The ranking of this University was given by Bangladesh university states. The University of Rajshahi stood in third in the country. After that, the University of Rajshahi became the youngest and largest universities in Bangladesh.

6. Southern Medical College

Location: East Nasirabad, Khulshi, Chittagong

This university helps in building their students’ as skilled and observant medical graduates to become successful doctors in society. Many students had their graduation from this college, pursue there practice and profession in India.

7. University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC)

Location: Zakir Hossain Road, Foy’s Lake, Khulshi, Chittagong

USTC is a non-public university that was started as the Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS). Out of the whole strength around 1200 student’s area unit from different countries like Bharat, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Jordan, Palestine, and therefore u. s., among others.

8. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College

Location:  Enayetpur, Bangladesh

This university is affiliated to Rajshahi University for MBBS degree. It has another affiliation with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib for PG degrees. This university consists of non-profitable and is highly equipped with modern technology, which is why it is one of the most promising universities.

9. Dhaka National Medical College

Location: Dhaka

This medical college was acquired from its forerunner, which is the Dhaka National Medical Institute. It consists of almost a total of 1500+ graduate doctors. These doctors have passed out of college and they are working within India and also in abroad. It is now considered amongst the top Colleges in medicine, in Bangladesh.

Some of the greatest advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. The biggest benefit of doing MS/MD in the US is that you need not write MCI exam before or after doing MBBS in abroad.
  2. On completion of MBBS in Bangladesh, you can go to PG level without writing MCI test.
  3. Perfect medical science training is only completed when the student is exposed to a variety of disease types, and this type of excellent and identical exposure to medical diagnosis is given in the medical colleges of Bangladesh.

Many of the globally recognized colleges are established in Bangladesh. And consequently, this is the greatest factor why Bangladesh is one of the best countries to pursue MBBS. But it is not easy to take the final decision and get oneself admitted to any college abroad. Even if you decide to get admission in any college in Bangladesh, it is not easy to know the exact details of the college, the admission processes, and other such details. So, to make this whole process simple, Get in touch with Bright Path today  Call us (+91) 33 4072 6060 and take the first step today!