Should I do an MBBS in abroad? – Question comes in mind with NEET low Marks.

Should I do an MBBS in abroad? – Question comes in mind with NEET low Marks.

It is the very common and most important question, which comes in everyone mind who is unable to get admission in India {due to throat cutting competition and poor government resources to bring new government colleges in India}.

Very First I suggest you that remove all fear from your mind related to M.B.B.S abroad, its a better choice than of Private colleges of India:-

Question: When & How to get admission in foreign medical colleges properly?

Ans: March and April is the most appropriate time to apply for Foreign Medical colleges as in renowned college’s seats use to get a reserve in these months and it takes 45-60 days to complete the process of Document Translations, Invitation Letter, Visa processing Etc.

Question: Do I become capable to clear upcoming FMGE?

Ans: When it comes in our mind related to any exam than fear comes naturally in our mind but I suggest you that don’t fear from FMGE as it is a qualifying examlike our XII board exams and only difference is that we need to secure 50% in its which can be achieved if you consistently studies in planned manner for 5 to 6 hours daily for upcoming 6 years. You an also complete MD from USA further to create a red carpet welcome in India to practice.

Question: Do I need to arrange huge financial resources to complete my degree?

Ans: Generally, expenses come in between minimum 20lakhs to maximum 45 lakhs which includes all expenses till the completion of the degree, and this amount is also needed to be paid in yearly installments and if required you can get study loan also which depends mainly on your academic background.

Question: Is it possible for me to work in countries like USA/CANADA/ENGLAND etc in the future?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can work further in countries like USA/Canada/England etc.and for it you need to go through a certain test like USMLE/ PLAB etc.

Question: Is it possible that in the future I can pursue P.G. in Indian Medical Colleges?

Ans: Yes in future you can take admission in Indian Medical Colleges for P.G. Coursesas once you clear FMGE & Internship in India you will get registered with MCI as other Doctors who use to complete their M.B.B.S I India.

Question: Which countries and city will be best suitable for me?

Ans: When it comes to choices about the countries for M.B.B.S Abroad, selection of country depends upon so many criteria’s for example:-

What is your Academic Background as in recent years for Foreign Colleges Like (BOGOMOLETES NATIONAL UNIVERSITY KIEV Ukraine, Kyrgyz State Medical University Kyrgyzstan etc.) the number of applicants are more than their actual seats so they use to make merit list for the admission mainly based on their XII and NEET marks, apart from it few Universities Like (TARAS SHEVCHENKO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY KIEV, MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF GDANSK, POLAND) use to conduct their own entrance exam. Students having a good academic background only use to get seats in these colleges.

What is your health Conditions for example if you are allergic for extreme cold then you need to select the country and city where climate condition is quite similar to India like (BATUMI SAHOTA RUSTAVELI UNIVERSITY GEORGIA, UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL PHILLIPPINES).

Are you considering yourself Technology Advanced Oriented Student? As you know current era entirely depends on Technology and it reduces physical burdens and makes the things more easily Understandable, so if you are such student then I will suggest you move either in Advanced European Countries Like Poland/ Bulgaria or in UKRAINE/BELARUS/GEORGIA.

What is your Budget for example in Budget up to 25 Lakhs you can choose countries like Kyrgyzstan, China, Philippines, Kazakhstan, etc.

Whereas if your Budget is 25 to 35 Lakhs than countries like GEORGIA, BELARUS, UKRAINE, are the most suitable options.

And if you can afford a budget of up to 45 Lakhs than Bulgaria and Poland are the best options.

Question: Do I need to take admission in 5 years or 6-year degree course?

Ans: This decision mainly depends upon your learning skills and future aim, as if you are a rapid learner and wish to practice in India in future then I will suggest you pursue a 5-year degree in countries like Georgia/China/Philippines/Bangladesh Etc.

Whereas if you are smart learner and willing to get settled in Countries like USA / Canada / England /etc. then I will suggest you to pursue for 6 year degree course in countries like Ukraine/ Belarus/ Georgia etc.

Question: To whom should I contact in India to get further guidance?

Ans: Like,  this if you also have any question or need information details knowledge,  It is not easy to know the exact details of the college, the admission processes, and other such details. So, to make this whole process simple, Get in touch with Bright Path today  Call us (+91) 33 4072 6060 and take the first step today!