Studying Abroad Might Be Better Than in India

Living the medical dream in India is as tough as it gets. With a limited number for seats in addition to high competition makes the dream seem unachievable. As a medical aspirant, studying abroad is much more feasible and advantageous option, especially if you did not secure a government medical seat in India.A student would have to pay around 50–60 lakhs INR to secure an admission in a private medical college in India which offers below average faculty, average infrastructure, and no placement after the duration of the course.

Where is The Best Place to Do MBBS Abroad?

The best place to do MBBS abroad varies according to a student’s personal preference. However, mainly three factors usually affect the ultimate decision of choosing which country to study MBBS. They are:

  1. The Budget

The budget of a student is the main factor that affects your choice. According to the flexibility of a person’s budget, the choice varies. Ukraine offers quality education with affordability. However, the Philippines are the most economical option but the quality of education is not the best. But if the budget is not an issue Georgia would be the most feasible option for MBBS abroad.

The order of preference in accordance with the budget is-Philippines > Ukraine > Georgia.

  1. Medical Education

Medical education depends on the quality and duration of the programs offered by various countries. In the Philippines, the program is 1.5 years of basic study, 3 years of MD and 1 year of internship. This is a quite hectic curriculum. In Georgia, the program is 5 years of basic science and MD with 1 additional year for internship. This program offers much better scope for self-study and exposure. However, we recommend MBBS in Ukraine with 6 years of basic science and MD, and 1 year of internship. This program helps the students study at a relaxed pace with proper exposure and training.

The order of preference according to medical education is- Georgia > Ukraine > Philippines.

  1. Exposure and Infrastructure

Ukraine has world-class infrastructure and facilities. The opportunities that are offered are quite prestigious. Georgia has a top-notch infrastructure, but their facilities aren’t as brilliant and luxurious as Ukraine. However, the infrastructure and the facilities are only above average in the Philippines. Its economical education does not offer the best resources.

The preference according to exposure and infrastructure is-Ukraine > Georgia > Philippines

In short, Ukraine is the best option for quality education with amazing exposure and infrastructure, along with affordability. Georgia is an excellent choice for students who do not have a restriction on funds and expects a quality education. And the Philippines are the economic option with average facilities for students with a tight budget.

Studying MBBS abroad is definitely a better option; however, one should be thoroughly informed of the pros and cons of enrolling in the universities around the world, especially the leading countries in medical education such as Ukraine.

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