Studying an MBBS abroad is Smart decisions than taking a drop?

Studying an MBBS abroad is Smart decisions than taking a drop?

Studying an MBBS abroad has several advantages over taking a drop.

  1. Taking a drop is a risky decision. Students end up dropping year after year preparing for the various medical entrances exams. Even when there is no guarantee that you will get an admission in a good government medical college.
  2. Another case is that you score enough marks to get into a private medical college. Now, just compare the following two figures- 70 lakhs in India and 20 lakhs for MBBS abroad. You can clearly see the better option.
  3. With the introduction of the NEXT exam as a licentiate exam for final year MBBS students across the country, it would be the hard work of student throughout the duration of the MBBS course that would determine their future and provide everyone a level playing field.

You must answer a few questions ahead.

1.) Are you ready to fight one more year with the same books?

2.) Are you strong enough to ignore all comments and suggestions from family and peers when they will know you are declining for one year?

3.) Are you able to handle that frustration that can occupy your mind if you do not get a good score on simulated tests and you could still work harder than you did before?

4.) Are you really willing to serve people and not just do MBBS for reputation or money or family pressure at times?

5.) And it may seem strange, but would you be able to digest the results after the fall, even if they do not meet the expected score?

6.) Can you pay a large amount in private medical schools?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then yes, you should drop a drop. And if not, then you must think of study MBBS Abroad. You can get a seat in another country and continue with the course this year. Get in touch with Bright Path today  Call us (+91) 33 4072 6060 and take the first step today!

In our opinion, We strongly recommend pursuing studies abroad. Logically speaking, even if we manage to secure double the marks in NEET as our 1st attempt in our 2nd attempt, as competition increases exponentially every year, it would be nearly impossible to secure a seat of medicine in Govt. quota.

I firmly believe that the entire “dropping a year” concept is a well-staged SCAM managed and conducted by these so called NEET coaching institutions, that care more about money rather than the child’s future.