After completing your HSC, pursuing a medical degree is a dream of many students. Studying MBBS abroad is an option to make that dream recognized by the world. MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the best options for Indian students to study their medical courses abroad. If you ask why to choose the Bangladeshi medical universities over other options, like MBBS in Ukraine, Poland, MBBS in the Philippines, or MBBS in the USA then the answer would be the vast scope for Indian students for studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The scope of studying MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students is more than studying MBBS in any other country. There are a lot of things which prove this fact that Bangladesh is a good choice for a medical degree for Indian students.

Benefits of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh

There are several benefits of studying MBBS courses in Bangladeshi medical universities.

  • There is a quota of 25% seats in every private medical college for Indian students.
  • The Indian students can use the SAARC admission quota and get a whole course for free.
  • The teaching medium is English and the study pattern is similar to the Indian study pattern.
  • There is no special entrance exam for taking admission to the MBBS course in Bangladesh.
  • The universities are recognized by WHO and MCI so the degree from these universities also gets worldwide recognition.

SAARC Admission Quota

Total seat 92, out of which 23 are for Indian students.

The SAARC admission quota is the quota for the students who belong to the SAARC nations. There are limited seats for the students belonging from SAARC nations. The eligibility states that if you are a student from the SAARC nations and have a merit cracking score, then you do not have to pay for any tuition fee. There are 92 seats for SAARC nation students out of which 23 are for Indian students. Any student who fulfills the eligibility criteria will get a wave off on tuition fee for the whole MBBS course. It means you can study your degree for free. You have to pay only for your accommodation and personal expenses. This helps many qualified students who can not pursue their dream of becoming a doctor just because of financial problems.

Affordable Fee Structure

Don’t you worry at all if you can not crack the merit to get that SAARC admission quota seat. You can still get admission to Bangladeshi medical colleges for MBBS. The fee structure of the medical universities in Bangladesh is very much affordable. One can complete the MBBS course in Bangladesh’s top medical universities with the tuition fee of mere $33000 to $50000 for the whole 6 years course. This increases the scope of studying MBBS in the medical universities of Bangladesh for Indian students.

Highest MCI Passing Ratio Over The Decade

Bangladesh is a decent location to select for your MBBS. But don’t go for my words, here is the reason which might make you think about it. There are several options to do MBBS abroad, but none of them will be valid until you clear the MCI screening test after your degree. Bangladesh has the highest MCI passing ratio above all other countries and their medical universities. The MCI passing rate of Bangladesh is 30.8% according to the Medical Council of India. And this is one of the important things to think about. Going to Bangladesh for MBBS will already increase your chance of being a doctor in India as well as giving you a vast career.

Top MCI approved Universities of Bangladesh – Fee Structure

There are 7 best options to choose from for doing MBBS in Bangladesh. These are the top MCI approved universities and their fee structure per year:

Name of the Universities College Fee Hostel Fee Total Fee
University of Dhaka Rs. 5,25,000 Rs.1,00,800 Rs. 6,25,800
Rajshahi University Rs. 5,04,000 Rs. 84,000 Rs. 5,88,000
University of Chittagong Rs. 4,20,000 Rs. 1,00,800 Rs. 5,20,800
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology Rs. 4,43,000 Rs. 1,09,200 Rs.5,52,200
Bangladesh University of Professionals Rs.4,20,000 Rs. 1,09,200 Rs. 5,29,200
Gono Bishwabiddyalay (Gono University) Rs. 3,74,000 Rs. 95,000 Rs. 4,69,000

So there is a lot of scope for Indian students to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a neighbor of India, so it also shares so much similarity of culture, language, food, and study pattern as well. So Indian students will not have to worry about the differences which bother many other students pursuing MBBS in other countries.

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