Top MBBS Colleges Abroad for Indian Students

Top MBBS Colleges Abroad for Indian Students

A degree such as MBBS is lucrative, popular and timeless. The world is always gonna need doctors and there are millions of students who want to pursue a medical degree. Some of these students may even seek this degree in institutions abroad. All prospective students will find themselves at a wide array of medical schools to choose from, but ambitious students are likely to seek the MBBS programmes there are. Below are a few of the top schools, across the world, that offer a comprehensive, top-notch MBBS programme. While, one of our previous articles suggests the top medical schools in the world, this article focuses on the top schools which offer a MBBS programme for students.

1. Tver State Medical University: It is one of the best and the oldest universities in Russia. For over 70 years, it has maintained a leading role in the medical domain, promising exemplary training and development for medical practitioners. It is also the largest medical scientific, research and educational centre with world renowned faculty members. TSMU was also the first university in Russia to offer MBBS courses in English.

2. Orenburg State Medical University: It is also located in Russia, a few hundred miles southeast from Moscow. OSMU is also very close to the border of Kazakhstan. OSMU offers the best faculty and is one of the best universities in Russia to offer students education in General Medicine. The students also have the amenities to get hands-on, practical knowledge from top-class faculty along with a solid theoretical knowledge.

3. Xianjing University: This University is located in China. It requires students to pass their PCB/PCMB subjects with over a 70%. The MBBS course lasts for about 5 years and offers students various facilities and amenities with a chance to learn under one of the best MBBS faculties in the world.

4. Xiamen University: This University is also located in China and requires an aggregate of 75% or above to qualify for enrollment in the university. It has a tuition fee of roughly about 21,500,000 INR, making it seemingly expensive. However the amenities, research opportunity and faculty does justice to the high fee structure.

5.Osh State University: Osh State University is a public medical university in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It has offered international students an opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor since 1992 and currently has a strength of just over 40,000 students. It is the largest university of the Kyrgyz Republic. The University is recognised by renowned establishments such as WHO, MCI, etc. It has tie-ups with several hospitals in the country, making it easier for students to intern at these hospitals and find job placements once they finish their MBBS education.

6. AMA School of Medicine (AMASOM): This university is located in the heart of Makati City, Philippines. The university has many research facilities that students can use to advance their medical careers whilst completing their MBBS programmes. Practical skills are also encouraged, as students accomplish things like hands over dissection whilst completing their Gross Anatomy course. This University is also recognised by WHO and MCI and has good career opportunities post completion of the MBBS course. AMASOM’s Medicine program is considered equivalent to the MBBS degree. After the MD graduation from AMASOM, Indian students are provided with a license to practice in India.

7. Fujian Medical University: Fujian Medical University is a university situated in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. There are over 9300 undergraduates, 8700 vocational students, and 1600 postgraduates. Amidst the 5304 staff members, 24 teaching hospitals, over 20 professional teaching bases, 8 affiliated hospitals students find themselves on a good path to study medicine and obtain a medical degree through this University. Tie ups with these professional bases and hospitals also suggest good internship and job prospects, something students are likely to be looking at.

8. International School of Medicine: Established in 2003, the International School of Medicine became a part of the International University of Kyrgyzstan. Every year, the medical school admits approximately 2500 students from Central as well as South Asia. There are a lot of Indian students who chose to go to the International School of Medicine due its highly qualified and specialised faculty and research opportunities. ISM is also very high-tech with its educational means and hence ensures highly efficient training of doctors.

9. Kyiv National Medical University: This is a public university located in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine itself). This is a popular choice for students and the university currently accommodates 1100 students. Tumanov Viktor Andrievych is renowned in the field and is presently the rector for the University. KMU also has joint research facilities and centres with various local and national establishments. This means this is an obvious choice for students who want to take up research while completing their MBBS degree.

10. Kharkiv National Medical University: Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the most seasoned medical schools in Ukraine, situated in the urban territory of Ukraine. This university is also involved with UNESCO and is committed to its vision of providing specialists in the field of medicine. The languages of instruction in KNMU are Russian and English. This gives an edge to the Indian undergraduates to adjust. They also offer MBBS courses so Indian students are also set to practice medicine in India once they are done with their MBBS courses.

While the universities listed above are some of the top in the world for MBBS, with amazing amenities and faculty members there are a lot of factors that come into choosing a university abroad. Students, while should consider rank, must also have their own set of criterias such as affordability, location and language accessibility before they make a decision on where to go for further education.