When it comes to choosing an institute to study MBBS, it is a real tough job. Not every institute offers recognized degree along with added advantages. Neither does every student have the affordability to pursue higher studies from premier institutes. Travelling abroad to pursue higher education is a common dream for any student. It can be in any field, be it in engineering, law or medicine, going abroad is the latest trend seen nowadays among the youth of our nation. Studying in foreign universities is certainly prestigious and also adds more value to your career, provided you choose the right destination.

One of the main reasons that hold back meritorious students from pursuing MBBS from abroad universities is the total cost of the course. Coupled with this are other factors like the cost of living, medical expenses, travelling costs and many more. But if you have been thinking that there is no such country that offers affordable MBBS study abroad, change such thoughts!

Two countries to study MBBS in low cost are:

  • Bangladesh

  • Nepal

Why should you study MBBS in Bangladesh?

The top reasons for pursuing medical study in Bangladesh are:

  • Low fee structure compared to other abroad institutes– The total fee for MBBS study in Bangladesh is really low compared to the private institutes in India. Besides, the student does not need to pay any extra donation for admission except for the admission fee. The student is given admission on the basis of eligibility; once he/she fulfills all the formalities, the student is allowed to attend the classes from the announced date.

  • Low cost of living- Worrying about the cost of living is natural but Bangladesh provides you quality and affordable accommodation. Moreover, the medical institutes also provide accommodation to its students that are close to the educational institutions. Private lodging option is also available in this country but at a very affordable rate compared to elsewhere.

  • Recognized Institutes- Majority of the institutes in this country are recognized by MCI, WHO and Directory of World Medical Schools. Also the student after getting the MBBS degree from any recognized Bangladesh medical institute can practice in all countries across the globe.

Why should you study MBBS in Nepal?

The main reasons for pursuing medical study in Nepal are:

  • Affordable MBBS fee structure- The fee structure for an MBBS degree in Nepal is really affordable than many of the Indian private colleges. Many people have the conception that going abroad to study involves a high expenditure. But for Nepal, that is an exception. Any student can afford to study MBBS in Nepal without worrying about any unnecessary expense.

  • Reasonable Accommodation- When pursuing medical education in Nepal, finding affordable accommodation is a must. You may stay in a guest house or a hostel, the cost of living is in any way affordable.

  • Recognized Institutes- The medical institutes in Nepal are all MCI & WHO approved. The course content is also similar to that in India. Moreover, students after completing their medical education in Nepal, can appear for the MCI Screening Test.

Conclusion– Bangladesh and Nepal are the leading countries from where you can pursue your MBBS studies at a reasonable cost. So if you too are interested in becoming a successful doctor after doing abroad studies, don’t forget to contact your trusted study abroad consultant.

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