What is the first thing you judge about a country & its respective universities before taking admission to a medical course?

Don’t worry!

We have described below those factors in detail, but you must have certain predetermined criteria in your mind.

It could be fees, ranking, teaching standards, & most significantly MCI approval status as these are some of the highly prioritized elements in the process of selection?

Well that’s where Kazakhstan comes into picture.

It is one of those lucrative opportunities to look for studying MBBS in 2020. Kazakhstan is among those top 30 countries where maximum Indian students take admission.

Supremacy of education in Kazakhstan is not hidden from the eyes of the students around the world.

Top Rated Medical Universities like –

  • Karaganda State Medical University
  • Semey State Medical University
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

These prominent universities have gathered a tremendous flow of international students over the past decade.

Since you came here to explore reasons to study medicine in Kazakhstan, you won’t leave disappointed after going through the following article.

We have elaborated all the privileges of studying MBBS courses in Kazakhstan, so stick around awhile until you get there.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Short Highlights

Name of the Course M.D (Equivalent to M.B.B.S)
Duration of MBBS Course 5 + 1 Years (With Internship)
Language Used for Instruction English
Number of International Students 10,000 foreign students
PCB Score Requirements 60% (General Category)
40% (Reserve Category)
Age Criteria of Candidate 17 (Min) & 25 (Max)
Entrance Exam Requirement NEET – Mandatory
IELTS/ TOEFL – Not Required
Avg. Fees of Universities 2 lakhs – 5 lakhs (Annual)
Avg Cost of Living 5k – 7k Per Month

Why Indian students choose foreign countries for pursuing medical education?

Every year 6,50,000 Indian MBBS aspirants appear for medical counselling rounds in different govt & pvt medical colleges. Looking at the number of available seats in both govt & pvt colleges are not sufficient to fulfill this exponential demand of the applicants.

Types of Colleges MBBS – Seats BDS – Seats
College Seats College Seats
Govt Colleges 272 41,388 50 3,513
Pvt Colleges & Deemed Universities 260 35,540 263 23,260
Total Seats visa NEET 532 76,928 313 26,773

As it’s crystal clear from the observation given in the table that total seats for MBBS/BDS courses in Indian goes in the range of 65,000 which is merely 10% of the whole student’s population applying for the medical course in all state’s colleges.

This deficiency of medical seats in India is one of the primary reasons that thousands of Indian students choose to go to countries like Kazakhstan for higher education in medicine.

Why is Kazakhstan the best alternative for Indian students to study MBBS in 2020?

We started with addressing a question on those aspects which are particularly seized by Indian students while selecting the best country for capitalizing professional degrees like MBBS.

Here is the complete analysis of those components in the given chart:

The reason to quote this statistic is that Kazakhstan is fittable in this conventional criteria examined by Indians to choose the suitable option of country & medical university.

So let’s take a look at it one by one.

1. Kazakhstan has a total of 11 MCI approved universities with fees ranging between 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs:

Tuition fees are the most prominent concern for Indians to sort out the countries for studying abroad. 47% of the time it is a highly looked up factor to select countries & furthermore universities located in it.

The best part about studying in countries like Kazakhstan is that they’re less expensive but standard wise, very outstanding & capable enough to produce world-class leaders.

Although Indian govt colleges are economically cheaper but private colleges have crossed the range of crores. Compared with Indian private colleges, & few other countries, Kazakhstan is far more cost-effective to study MBBS.

There are 11 universities in Kazakhstan that have acquired the recognition of MCI (Medical Council of India) where thousands of Indian students prefer to study medicine. You can check their individual fee structure in this table:

Name of University Location Annual Fees (Hostel Incl)
Astana Medical University Astana ₹ 15.81 Lakh
Kazakh National Medical University Almaty ₹ 19.11 Lakh
JSC South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent ₹ 15.09 Lakh
Karaganda State Medical University Karagandy ₹ 17.28 Lakh‬
Kazakh-Russian Medical University Almaty ₹ 16.88 Lakh
Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education Almaty ₹ 15.09 Lakh
M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University Petropavl ₹ 12.57 Lakh
Kokshetau State University Kokshetau ₹ 12.57 Lakh
Semey State Medical University Semey ₹ 3.65 Lakh‬
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University Aktobe ₹ 16.17 Lakh‬
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Almaty ₹ 18.68 Lakh

Calculation of Dollars: 1 US Dollar equals to 70 Indian Rupees.

2. Kazakhstan offers a degree program with international accreditation meaning opportunities to work anywhere across the globe

Students have a wider scope to work anywhere around the world after their graduation in the universities of Kazakhstan.

If you go on to complete your MD/MS in the USA or Germany, then no need to clear the FMGE or MCI screening test.

Students can either return to practice in India after clearing MCI screening tests or they can also continue their practices in Kazakhstan due to its availability of internationally recognized hospitals.

It is also noticed that most of the Indian students after passing out with MBBS degrees in Kazakhstan prefer to build a career in Hospital Management which is one of the booming sectors in the world.

Accreditation & Recognition of the top medical universities located in the Kazakhstan:

World Health Organization (WHO) Medical Council of India (MCI)
United States Medical Licence Examination (USMLE) Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research – (FAIMER)
International Medical Education Directory (IMED) General Medical Council (GMC-UK)
Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS)
Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC) National Medical Commission (NMC)

3. Kazakhstan has a pretty decent track record of Indian students successfully clearing FMGE tests in recent years

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) is an important factor for Indian students to get a license of working anywhere in the world.

Most of the students get influenced by some counsellors to take admission in any random country for their selfish greedy motives.

Students must be aware of such misleading information & they must analyse the FMGE passing record of the country.

Kazakhstan is also among top countries with a maximum FMGE record of 10.27%.

If you look at the individual passing ratios of the medical universities in Kazakhstan, then Semey State Medical University is a highly recommended choice for Indian students with a 23.3% passing score.

4. Indian students can easily make living outta nominal budget while bearing daily living expenses

Location is another highly concerned part of selecting foriegn countries for selecting universities. Kazakhstan is reliably cost-effective from Indian student’s perspective.

The movement you choose to opt in hostel, half of your budget gets relief from a lot of expenditure like accommodation, food, & other minor expenses like laundry services, entertainment voyage etc.

Hostel Fee (Food & ACCOMMODATION)
Types of Amenities Monthly Cost (USD) Monthly Cost (INR)
Avg Cost of College Hostel 100$ 7,000 INR
Local Restaurant Charges 50$ 3,500 INR
Apartment Rent (900 Sqft) (External Accomodation) 500$ 35,000 INR
Annual Insurance Expenses 100$ 7,000 INR
Ticket & VISA (One Time) 200$ 14,000 INR
Total Fees for 5 Years 10,000$ (Approx.) 7,00,000 (Approx.)

Calculation of Dollars: 1 US Dollar equals to 70 Indian Rupees.

5. Admission process is not much stressful & there is no demand for exams like IELTS/TOEFL

Admission process for studying in Kazakhstan’s universities is due to lack of judgement; however, a right assistance & guidance from BRIGHT PATH will solve half of your problem.

We have confirmed seats of 500 students last year in Kazakhstan, so let us take care of your admission journey.

There are some set of formalities to fulfill in order to settle admission & that’s where you need our expertise. All we need from you is the list of valid documents & academic certificates & it’s almost done.

No need to clear IELTS/TOEFL for admission unlike countries viz; Philippines & Poland where it’s to prove your english proficiency. Many students get eliminated due to the strenuous nature of these exams, so there is no such barrier in Kazakhstan.

6. Almost all the medical colleges in Kazakhstan conduct their courses through English language

Although Kazakh & Russian are national languages, there is enough dispersion of international students throughout the universities, hence English medium is used for instruction of the program.

Your struggle to adopt foreign language has no place if you choose Kazakhstan for studying abroad in 2020.

Faculty members are highly educated & well experienced, so most of the conversation of the students occurs in English language.

We still recommend our students to take courses on local languages in case they have plans for an internship in Kazakhstan itself. It will prepare to deal with native patients & communicate unhesitatingly.

7. Get ready to meet some of the friendliest living beings in Kazakhstan

Tourism in Kazakhstan has grown up in recent years, however the registration of crime or any cases of violence is rare in the country.

Local public is absolutely friendly towards international folks & students have noted a safest experience while studying in Kazakhstan.

A breach of safety still exists everywhere, but staying in certain boundaries & minding their own studies, students can avail from any type of intimation in their environment.

Law system of Kazakhstan is strict enough to safeguard the welfare of foreigners. They have implemented such policies to ensure the safety of international students living in Kazakhstan.

About Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan is a Central Asian country famous for being the treasury of oil & petroleum (The black golf).
  • The country has been one of the most favoured land of international education for Indians over the past few years.
  • Kazakhstan is a landlocked nation surrounded by four countries viz; Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
  • The area of Kazakhstan is declared as the most safest region as compared to it’s neighborhood country.
  • Kazakhstan has evolved itself with global modernization since its independence in 1991.
Capital of the Country Nur-Sultan
Area of Kazakhstan 10,42,360 Sq Mi
Total Country’s Population 1,83,00,000
Official National Language Kazakh & Russian
Time Zone GMT+6 Hrs
Avg Whether Temperature 30° (Summer) & 20° (Winter)
Literacy Rate of Nation 99.78% (Approx)
Currency – Rate of Exchange 1 Tenge = 0.19 INR
Most Followed Religion Muslim (Official), Christianity


We have provided every single detail that is helpful for Indian students to know before going Kazakhstan for pursuing MBBS.

It shows how Kazakhstan is a better option for international education compared to few other European or Russian Universities in terms of affordability, teaching infrastructure, & training system of education.

If you are interested to know more about any medical college/University situated in Kazakhstan, then explore our content on that particular university at the course section of SELECT YOUR UNIVERSITY .

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