Medicine is a field that has seen drastic changes over the past 10 decades. With the development in technology and science; new discoveries and inventions paving its way, medicine has grown into the lives of millions around the globe.  As a profession, as a passion, as a dream, as a haven, as hope and as an aspiration; medicine is rising to be an invaluable asset to society.

Doctors wield the power of medicine, which is discovered by scientists and various individuals, seeking to create a better and healthy life for every individual in the world. Doctors shoulder a responsibility to citizens around the globe, especially to their country, to learn MBBS and use their knowledge to help, understand, observe, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure the sickness of patients without any discrimination or bias.

Students aspiring to follow in the footsteps of these professionals choose MBBS for their career. To be a doctor is their dream. But sadly, in India, their dreams face challenges that some may not overcome. India is the second most populated country in the world. The government medical colleges in India are a few of the best in the world. However, to gain admission to these universities a student needs to qualify the National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET) with an exceptional rank.

NEET is the entrance examination conducted once a year for undergraduate and postgraduate admission to MBBS, dental and other professional medical courses in India. Every year the applicants for the examination increases exponentially, which means that the competition is higher every year. The number of medical seats up for grabs is decreasing year by year. To add to this, the reservation system in India secures a quarter of the seats for minority castes and races.

All hope seems lost, but is it really?

Indian students are now aware that they have an option which provides affordable yet quality education. They can now live their dreams of being a doctor by pursuing MBBS abroad.

The concept of seeking MBBS abroad is relatively new in India. Thus, not many have reliable information about admissions, and other procedures and needs required to pursue the course abroad. There are several companies which aim to send Indian students abroad to pursue their higher education. There have been many cases of scam among them, but there are many reputed companies as well.

So, what makes Bright Path different?

A consulting company for students who wish to study abroad has basically agents and consultants who counsel them on various universities and their possible options on a peripheral level. Most of these companies lack employee who has accurate and definite knowledge of these universities or the country they’re situated in.

Students walk into these promising companies seeking people with the knowledge to guide them on their path which will decide their future. They rely on them to show them the options which suit them the best, however, several companies find this difficult.

Bright Path is quite unique in the venture, unlike their other competitors. It begins with their members. Bright Path was have a group of young, enthusiastic doctors who are employed in the public and the private health sector of India.

These doctors secured their professional degree from prestigious institutions around the globe. They have studied, slept, lived and graduated from the universities that they now counsel students to join. Unlike other agencies, which hire agents whom advice students based on the facts provided in sessions, the doctors of Bright Path give advice and counsel based on their personal experience. This helps guide young students through everything starting from the application to the university till the completion of the course.

What more? These professionals have 14 years of experience in the medical field. Not only have they faced the challenges that threaten the dreams of a medical aspirant; they have conquered them. They did their MBBS abroad, graduated, wrote the licensing exam required to practice in India, qualified and have now established their practice in various medical sectors in the country.

We can help a student starting with a consultation. The doctors at the agency will talk with the student and find his/her preferences or requirements while suggesting possible options and the best course of action with their understanding and observation of the student as well as the institutions they have graduated from.

From here, We will be with the student every step of the way.  From explaining in detail about various universities around the world to explaining their facilities; from the application procedures to acceptance; from booking the flight tickets to having someone pick up the client from the airport; from the start of the course till graduation, MBBS Universities will be the student’s constant companion.

The perks of choosing Bright Path does not end here. After graduation, all doctors must attend and qualify licensing examinations in the countries they wish to work in. MBBS Universities can help the student choose between these examinations, counsel them on the advantages and disadvantages of working in a particular country and train them to attend the examinations at their full potential.

Bright Path does not just send students to study MBBS abroad; we guide them till they achieve their dream of being a doctor. Our goal is that their passion and their dreams are fueled and fulfilled.

Bright Path have a group of doctors to mould the doctors of the future.