Choosing to study medicine has been regarded as one of the noblest career paths ever since education became important. No matter in which country you reside in, deciding to pursue medicine or rather MBBS is always held high. Becoming a doctor is a journey; it is first started with opting for science stream in the plus two level and it becomes rock-solid when you decide to pursue MBBS.

Nowadays, pursuing MBBS abroad is considered to be a better option and there are many reasons for it. Students are increasingly going to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, Nepal, China and other places with the sole objective of having a rewarding career in the future. Besides, the number of seats in one’s own country, for example in India, is also limited. With the rise in population, the competition to secure a seat in a good Indian private medical institute seems almost impossible.

Let us specifically look at the reasons why studying MBBS in Bangladesh, Nepal , China, Philippines and other abroad countries are becoming more popular than studying in one’s own country:

1. Better alternative to NEET– The most competitive entrance exam in the field of medicine is NEET. And let’s admit, not all students are capable of clearing NEET at once which means they have to wait for some more months to appear again! Instead of wasting time, pursuing MBBS in Nepal, Bangladesh or in other abroad countries is considered to be time-saving and more effective. In short, you can become a doctor sooner and not later as you would have thought.

2. Cost-effective– Another reason why students decide to pursue MBBS abroad is because of the exorbitant fee structure of the Indian private medical institutes. The MBBS course fee in government colleges are undoubtedly less but the same situation is not prevalent in a private institute. On the contrary, the fee structure for MBBS in Bangladesh or in Nepal, is relatively less. Besides, there is no demand for donation or additional payments. A person with moderate financial means can easily pursue MBBS in China, Nepal, Bangladesh and so on. To know more about the best abroad destinations for MBBS 2019, you can watch this video here.

3. Standard education– In medicine, the quality of education must be excellent. A poor standard of MBBS education will reap negative impacts on an emergent doctor’s career. This fact is well-understood by the MBBS faculty of abroad countries. While it is difficult to find an institute that offers quality MBBS education in India, there is no such problem if you pursue MBBS in Ukraine, Nepal, China or Bangladesh. The moment a student decides to study MBBS abroad, he/she is more or less assured of receiving a quality education.

4. Hands-on training– Medicine is a career path that requires great exposure and practical training. The more you practice and train, the more proficient doctor will you be. Simply attending theory classes is not enough; you must simultaneously have both theoretical and practical knowledge. This fact is emphasized more emphasized and paid heed in abroad medical universities. Hence, you will find all the renowned Indian doctors having qualifications from abroad institutes. Thus if you decide to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh or elsewhere abroad, you will have the benefit of practical training and international exposure than studying in India.

Conclusion– Whether you pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, Nepal or China, deciding to study MBBS abroad will surely bear sweet fruit for your medical career. The above-mentioned reasons easily explain why studying MBBS abroad is more a suitable option. Remember! In today’s age of competition, the person with the best qualification and skills have greater chances of shining.

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