1.  Indians face a lot of toughness if they want to enter into the medical field. But in Nepal, this will be an easy thing as compared to India. If you want to study MBBS in Nepal then things are going to be bit simple for you. These are the significant reasons why you should study mbbs in Nepal.
  • Indians are quite ahead in every field. In fact, Indian students are quite good as far as the intelligence factors are concerned. So, since they have the calibre, they should have access to this particular field. It is therefore vital that Indians should get a chance to get into the medical field. The Indian students should take advantage of the friendly relations that both these countries have and so there would be less formalities as such.
  • If you make the comparison between the private colleges in India and the expense of mbbs in Nepal then you will come to know that the cost is lower in Nepal.
  • The admission fees is quite reasonable and so keeping this in mind the Indian students should first find good medical college in Nepal. Find the colleges that would have Indian faculties. All these things will make it easy to take up mbbs in Nepal.
  • When looking for the colleges there will also be need for looking out for the hostels as such. The boys and the girls would have separate facilities and such research can be done. You should get the basic details as such from the online sources. You should be able to find best facilities for mbbs in Nepal at lowest package.
  • Nepal is fine with the students coming from countries like India. In fact if the students want to study mbbs in Nepal they will have to make the relevant applications during the times when the admission starts.
  • With the common languages that both these countries speak the students who visit Nepal from India find it easy to pursue mbbs in Nepal. There would be better communication between the people. The students will be able to interact better with the teachers and the staff members.

What are the advantages to study MBBS is Nepal?

There are many advantages of studying mbbs in Nepal.  When you take mbbs admission in Nepal you will have many benefits on the way. So, here’s a thorough discussion of what can be the best advantages.

  •  In Nepal the weather conditions are quite friendly for the Indian students. They get similar climatic conditions just like in India.
  •  The food habits of people living here are much similar to the Indians. So, taking an admission in mbbs college in Nepal would be a good idea.
  •  Nepal, just like India has people speaking Hindi and English. This can make the communication pretty easy.
  •  You can gather information about best medical college in Nepal and once you are done with that just get ready with the amount that you will have to pay. The Nepal medical college fees can be paid in instalments too. This is quite convenient and easy.
  •  The quality of education in Nepal is very good. This is what makes it a good country to study MBBS in Nepal.
  •  There are many good colleges and universities in Nepal that would give your career a boost that it needs.

Why mbbs in Nepal more attractive than in India?

When you want to study MBBS in Nepal except for mbbs entrance exam you don’t have to prepare much. Like, there is no need to clear IELTS or TOEFL if you want to take mbbs admission in Nepal. Apart from that due to the friendly relations that both the countries share, there is no need to get into the visa formalities as well.  Also, you should just get approximate idea about mbbs in Nepal fees. If you have arranged for the money then nothing can stop you from taking admission for mbbs in Nepal. The fees structure of mbbs in Nepal is not as complex as you think. In fact, you get the facility to pay off even by instalments. If you are planning to go to other countries like Australia and USA then you should first determine the procedure for mbbs admission in other countries and then compare the same with the procedures and rules that you have to follow to study MBBS in Nepal.

What is the quality of education for mbbs in Nepal?

As far as the quality of education is concerned, the private medical college in Nepal would give the students perfect quality of education that they deserve. Due to the best quality education, the students stay satisfied while they pursue mbbs in Nepal. So, as per the available data if the options are kept in front of Indian students to visit the foreign country and take mbbs admissionthere then most of the people will prefer mbbs in Nepal.

This is because the basic platform on which the current students will research would be the past students.  The past students who came out from private medical college in Nepal would surely share their good experiences with mbbs in Nepal. Many doctors come out from Nepal and when asked they would belong to the top universities. Some of the reputed names includemanipal medical college Nepal.

Also, another reputed name is National medical college Nepal. Apart from these there are many other colleges as well. Since these colleges are popular people consider them for doing mbbs in Nepal. But even when you choose the universities apart from manipal medical college Nepal it would be fine.

In Nepal students feel that they are in India while they study MBBS in Nepal

The climatic conditions and the living conditions in Nepal and quite similar to India! This is the reason why mbbs in Nepal would be a good idea. A doctor would have a very good career and it is a noble profession too. So you should take plunge to study MBBS in Nepal and make your career good enough. You can get the idea about the fee structure of mbbs in Nepal from the past students.

You can even get such information online and fix your admission in the university or college that is apt for you. Indian students have already found that the mbbs in Nepal fees is much lesser than that in India and in anywhere else in the world. Thus, they would like to take plunge to take up the medical curse in Nepal.  Of course, mbbs in Nepal fees is also one of the factors of the popularity that it has. So, find the best medical college in Nepal and make your future bright.

The climatic conditions are so good that the students have better appetite to eat, they get good sleep and of course with this their brain would be sharpened pretty well and so there would be better study as well. Living in Nepal can give you an opportunity to understand the culture. The best thing is that it has culture that is similar to India and so Indian students do not feel lonely. If at all they want to come back to the home country the transportation is quite cheap and so they can travel this distance easily. More and more students are aspiring to get ahead in life and study well. MBBS is a good career option and so if it is done in Nepal it will actually help in saving good chunk of money.  Nepal has come up as one of the best and most popular options to offer medical studies.