With the growing demand for having a successful career, the need to pursue higher education is also rising, especially in the field of medicine. Many students opt to study MBBS abroad for better career prospects and job opportunity. On the other hand, there are students who fail to qualify medical exams in their own country and start to lead a life of hopelessness; they get diverted from their goal and are confused about what to do in their lives. For such students, the best option is to go abroad and study MBBS instead of repeatedly trying to qualify for MBBS in one’s own country. Also, deciding to drop a year is not at all a wise decision; it is a sheer waste of time and may give birth to a state of frustration as well.

So if you are one of them, how about going abroad to study MBBS instead of dropping a year? Here are the reasons why you should do so:

1. No donation fee– If you go to study MBBS in Bangladesh, you will be surprised to know that no extra amount is charged except the admission fee. But in India, most of the private medical institutes will ask for donation along with the admission fee and together it becomes too expensive for majority medical students to bear.

2. No admission test– There are no entrance tests for many recognized medical colleges abroad. For example: studying MBBS in Nepal will give you the advantage of not having to appear for an entrance test. Admission is strictly based on your performance in the last exam, that is in class 12 and the student must have more than 75% in their aggregate.

3. Affordable cost of living– If you are searching for a reputed medical institute in India, you have to also remember to choose a place that offers affordable accommodation facilities and often, it is difficult to find such destinations. But majority abroad countries offer its foreign students pocket-friendly accommodation facilities. Thus you can easily study MBBS in China without worrying about the cost of living!

4. World class infrastructure– There must be no doubt about the infrastructural facilities in the medical institutes abroad. The infrastructure of medical institutes in Bangladesh or Nepal is far better than many medical institutes in India. There are modern equipment, laboratories, well-maintained hospitals, laptops, smart classrooms and many more that makes the infrastructure of foreign medical campuses excellent. Even medical institutes offering MBBS in Kazakhstan have such infrastructural facilities to cater the needs of every student.

5. International exposure– The medical institutes in foreign countries offers more international exposure to its students. Students interact with patients from various communities and belonging from various parts of the world, communicating their problems and understanding what are their needs. Moreover, interacting with the people of other countries will help you to settle in such foreign countries, with ease. Thus if you go to study MBBS in Philippines or USA, you can get the international exposure that is required for every medical student.

Conclusion– Thus instead of dropping a year, utilize the opportunity to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Nepal or China and secure your future in the medical world!

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