In today’s age of rising competition, deciding to study a medical course to become a doctor, may sound noble and cool. Everything is required to be at a fast pace so that you can be a part of the stiff competition that everyone is into. With this prerequisite set in your mind, you have to select a medical course that gets done and dusted soon and earns you your recognized degree. To become a doctor, many students have a dilemma over whether to study NEET or study MBBS in an abroad eminent university. Deciding to study NEET is a great decision as it will allow you to practice anywhere in India but studying MBBS abroad, can open more doors for you on a wider aspect.

While there are many abroad locations from where you can pursue your MBBS education, some countries have gained popularity recently. One such country that deserves special mention is Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a country that enjoys the privilege of its location. Being a landlocked country in Central Asia, it has favourable climatic conditions, inviting a large number of students in the country. Many students are opting for medical study in Kyrgyzstanespecially those from India, in recent times.

Let us look into the advantages of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

  1. Recognized Institutes- Majority of the institutes in this country are recognized by MCI, WHO & Directory of World Medical Schools. This recognition is mandatory for students to appear for vital examinations like USMLE, PLAB & also screening examination conducted by National Board of Examinations, India under MCI. Also the student after getting the MBBS degree from any recognised Kyrgyzstan medical institute can practice in all countries across the globe.

  2. Affordable fee- Many people think that medical education in Kyrgyzstan is expensive like in any other foreign country. But ironically, the total fee for MBBS course in this country is really low compared to the private institutes in India. Besides, the student does not need to pay any extra donation for admission except for the admission fee. The student is given admission on the basis of eligibility; once he/she fulfills all the formalities, the student is allowed to attend the classes from the announced date.

  3. Low Cost Accommodation- Staying in a safe & secure place, especially in a foreign land, is a prime concern for the parents & the student. Kyrgyzstan has many such safe & secured places to stay for students; they are either hostels or guesthouses. If you are worried about the cost, put away such a worry because accommodation is really reasonable & also high standards of quality is maintained. Moreover, the medical institutes also provide accommodation to its students that are close to the educational institutions. Private lodging option is also available in this country but at a very affordable rate compared to elsewhere.

  4. Language- Language is not at all an obstacle for any student not belonging to Kyrgyzstan. This is so because English is the common language over here & is spoken by everyone. The medium of instruction is also English & so there is no problem with language in a foreign land.

  5. International Students Department- All Kyrgyzstan medical institutes have this department that can be called a sort of grievance cell. Here, any student can come & speak about any problem that the student has faced or is facing & the officials are quick in resolving such matters. The necessary steps are taken to resolve the matter as fast as possible without any delay.the student can contact the department anytime during their course.

  6. Eligibility- the process of application is really simple. The rules are the same as stated by MCI, that is, the student has to get 50% in Physics, Chemistry & Biology in aggregate in class 12. No admission test is required to be given & admission is strictly based on eligibility.

Conclusion- Kyrgyzstan has surely emerged as the most popularly chosen destination to study MBBS due to the numerous advantages provided to its students. To make your way into Kyrgyzstan easy and trouble-free, it is wise to appoint the best study abroad consultant who can help you out with all your admission-related queries, efficiently.

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