With the rise in the competitive spirit among the people, the need to be the best has flooded the minds of the people rapidly. Specializing in any subject means it has to be done from a premier college/institute in one’s own country or abroad. Similar is the case for MBBS studies; people are going abroad to study MBBS in the best overseas college. So when you decide to study MBBS, you may come across people enumerating the various advantages of studying this course. And if you pick a location, for instance: you want to study MBBS in Russia, the internet will flood you with information about the best universities to study from, the advantages of studying there and your prospective future.

But the question is, why should you go for medical education in Russia? Let us look into some of the reasons:

1. Abundant leading universities– Russia is known to have many leading universities that impart world-class education for any medical course. It also offers a wide range of options to choose from and is not limited to only MBBS. Some of the leading institutes are Tver State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Mari State Medical University and much more. These are also recognized by national and international authorities like the MCI, WHO and by the Russian government. There are diverse academic departments, interdisciplinary centres and award programs because of which such a huge number of international students are pouring into this country.

2. Wide course selection– The country offers the widest range of educational programs and is not limited to only one type- be it MBBS, engineering or business. Given that the size of the country is huge with so many institutes, the freedom to choose any subject of your choice will never pose a problem. Also the reverse is possible- choose any course and select an appropriate institute from where you’ll pursue it.

3. World-class faculty and infrastructure– Many people have a wrong idea that more the number of educational institutes, the more there will be a compromise on the quality. But that is not true! Russia, although it has numerous medical institutes, each and every university maintain international standards and also have world-class faculty who are highly trained. The professors are dedicated to educating the students and make sure that the students retain information as much as possible and use it as and when required.

4. World-renowned research facilities– The country not only has numerous universities but also provides for vast research facilities. The researchers collaborate with leading research institutes in various countries and are always on the front when it comes to inventing something new. The students after getting their MBBS degree can join the Russian research institutes and do unparallel work in research and development.

5. Affordable fee structure– This is the topmost advantage of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students, especially. The medical institutes in Russia, offer MBBS degree at a very affordable price. The fee structure in these leading universities is budget-friendly and surprisingly low than many of the private institutes in India. There is also a provision for obtaining an educational loan and this is quite helpful if you are suffering from lack of funds.

Conclusion– Apart from being a beautiful country, Russia also gives much importance to education and development. The country also maintains a friendly relationship with other countries all over the world.

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